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Maxine Bennell Given Jaydens known history of ongoing psychotic symptoms and lack of a clear diagnosis doctor home loan program Oak Laurel 0430129662 despite a reasonable period of treatment, and his ongoing refusal to take his medication, it was important for Jayden to have been seen by a psychiatrist within a reasonable period of doctor home mortgage loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 time after his transfer to Casuarina, and out of Dr Halls ongoing care, Linton said. I do not consider seven months to be a reasonable period of time for Jayden. A mental health nurse did make a booking for Bennell to see a psychiatrist on the afternoon of 6 March, 2013; after his body had already been found. Bennells cellmate and friend, Craig Scortaioli, told the inquest he had seemed a bit depressed in the week leading up to his death and had previously had a vision of himself hanging, after inhaling fumes from printer fluid. He had hugged Scortaioli goodbye on the morning when the latter left on work duties on the morning of the sixth, saying I love you, my brother. He was due to return to the program at 1.30pm but instead attempted to phone his brother at 1.26pm, then disappeared. When Scortaioli returned to the unit at 1.39pm the door to their shared cell was open and a song that Bennell had previously said he wanted played at his funeral was playing on a loop. Ten minutes later, after making a phone call, Scortaioli returned to find the room in disarray, a bedsheet ripped in half, and an exercise book later discovered to contain a suicide note sitting on top of the stereo. Ben Moodie, who managed the Pathways program, gave evidence at inquest that he had asked the guards three times to look for Bennell that afternoon, starting at 1.35pm. However none of the guards remembered talking to Moodie about Bennell that day, and there was no record of the alarm being raised.

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